Sleep Headphones Reviews

We've reviewed several types of sleep headphones on the market,help you choose best one.

The reviews of beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Studio Headphone


The DT 770 Pro is a closed studio headset with an impressive volume. As a voice actor ,I use these headphones for editing and recording every day. For music lovers and non-professionals, the DT 770 Pro is also a great hi-fi option.

If you have a very high sound quality requirement, so this earphone is a great choice. The sound field is incredible, just like you and the band in the studio. The bass and mid-bass on these headphones are very clean, crystal clear treble, amazing chorus, and comfortable listening for a long time.Velvet ear pads keep your ears from sweating and overheating. (I am very hesitant, but it turns out that they are very comfortable and not too warm)

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