Sleep Headphones Reviews

We've reviewed several types of sleep headphones on the market,help you choose best one.

The reviews of Bose SoundTrue around-ear wired headphones II – Apple devices, Navy Blue


Bose Sound True headphones have a better listening experience than ordinary headphones, whether in a busy crowd or in a quiet office, they seem to block enough noise and keep your music pure to the greatest extent. Deep bass, crisp mid-range and explosive high-pitched sounds are not distorted.

Bose Sound True headphones are very portable, this headphone also has a portable case and is extremely lightweight. The comfort of its products is no less than other earmuffs. It is surrounded by a large sponge-lined leather, and the middle is a mesh structure. This design can make the high frequency not to attenuate for the sponge. At the same time, it can have a certain sound insulation effect.

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